Tired of Seeing Baby Photos on FB, Unbaby.me is the solution

Are you fed up of seeing the baby photos on Facebook? Get ready to fight back. There’s a new service known as Unbaby.me, which is designed to substitute all the baby pictures automatically on your Facebook feed with photos of something more pleasant, like manatees, album cover or cats.

Launched on Wednesday, Unbaby.me has already got almost 41,000 Facebook likes. That means there have been too many people who were really tired of seeing baby photos on Facebook.

This photo-substituting plug-in is the innovation of 3 New Yorkers- Chris Baker, Pete Marquis, and Yvonne Cheng, who work together at BBDO, an advertising agency. Unsurprisingly, all of them are in their late 20s and early 30s.

Cheng mentioned in an interview with Los Angeles Times that they were consuming drinks on night and were mocking about how Facebook was dreadful with baby pictures all over. They were just thinking of how funny it would be to substitute all of them with cats. This is how their mission started.

The friends took help from a professional developer to turn their joke into a reality. Cheng said that they had spent almost a month from the first conversation to the introduction of Unbaby.me.

If you are one of them who wants to get rid of the baby pictures, then download Unbaby.me from Chrome Web store. Once downloaded, it can be easily installed. You can also uninstall it later if you don’t want it.

When it starts running, it will scrutinize your Facebook feed for words like adorable, first birthday, and cute following which it triggers the keywords that signify the possible attachment of a baby picture. There’s also an option to add your own keywords. It then substitutes the offending baby pic with a different one from RSS feed of pictures. Presently, the default feed is photos of cat.

Baby photos that do not have any caption will not be substituted. That implies, this is not a comprehensive solution to get rid of baby photos.

Cheng also went on to say that trying to get rid of baby photos from Facebook does not mean that the person does not like babies at all. But rather it’s just that some people get sick of looking at baby photos on FB.

He said “I think we just addressed the fact that people use social networks for different reasons, and I guess because of the age we are, the majority of people we knew were just using to post pictures of their babies.”

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