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DIY ShowOff & Share

DIY ShowOff and Share:

Hello, DIY friends! Do you find that you are more productive when it comes to being creative or DIY projects in the summer or do you prefer to take the season off and enjoy the warmer longer days? 

DIY ShowOff & Share

DIYShowOff weekly recap:

Summer gets me in full DIY mode! Lots to do! Can’t wait to have everything done and gathered up. This week, I’m working on sharing a wood plank wall with a favorite new product called Reclaim Arbor. IT.IS.STUNNING!  

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Random Thought:

Is there a such thing in all of toilet-manufacturing history, as a toilet that doesn’t at one point or another get stuck or hung up or whatever, causing a toilet to run? Because if not, I’m happy to collaborate with an engineer on inventing something to! I’ve encountered FOUR this week. It drives me crazy! I feel like I’ve wasted so much of my life removing the tank lid and jiggling things, reconnecting chains, pushing down plugs…doing all the things that should happen automatically, right? I thought perhaps it’s just that two in our home are due for an update or something. But then a brand new installed one at the studio was doing the same and then an older one on the main level joined the club. Then I thought “well, maybe it’s me – user error?!” But, it’s happening to other flushers too. lol 

Party time:

Let’s get this party started! 

Link up your latest DIY project, room makeover, craft project or recipe. Browse the links to make new friends and find inspiration for your next DIY project. 

DIY ShowOff & Share

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3. By joining the party, you give permission for your project to be featured and ‘shown off’ via blog highlight, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, G+. (Note: When pinning favorites, I prefer that you have a Pin button on your image or a Pinterest sharing button on your post.

4. If you’re here to share your DIY and link up or just browse the links for DIY inspiration, please consider visiting one of the links above to or leaving a comment to let me know what you think about my DIY too! Feedback makes my day! Thank you so much for your support!

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